Who We Are


About IFWC

International Federation of World Crossbow

We establish Crossbow in India on 3rd Oct'2012 and formed Crossbow Association of India, member of ICSSPE recognized by International Olympic Committee. After establishment of Crossbow in India, we are proceeding our efforts to popularize this growing shooting sport in the world so we formed International Federation Of World Crossbow in 2017.We have open the door of IFWC to give affiliation to every country of the world first come and first take basis.

International Federation Of World Crossbow is the member of International Council of Sports Science in Physical Education (ICSSPE) recognized by International Olympic Committee. IFWC is the only Crossbow Federation in the world which recognized by International Olympic Committee indirectly. Our Crossbow shooters of the world under IFWC will avail all advantages of the membership of ICSSPE.

International Federation of World Crossbow is an initiative to bring all Crossbow Shooting Associations under one roof to make sure that our crossbow shooters get maximum opportunities. We are working with a vision to promote crossbow as one of the leading sport across world and take to the highest possible level in terms of recognition and value. IFWC is committed to give crossbow shooters a platform where they can show their talent on world level and get recognition. With these kinds of sports, players not only get recognition on world level but also in their own country.

What We Do

  • We are working towards bringing all crossbow federations together in order make it world biggest organization in crossbow shooting. This helps all the crossbow federations get more and more visibility and get more participant attraction in their events.

  • We conduct crossbow events time to time where participants / crossbow shooters come from all over the world to show their talent. These kinds of events help them get world level recognition that is good for their career.

  • IFWC is committed to provide right education to crossbow shooters so that they can get maximum advantage out of their practice time.


Mr. Anil Kaushik formed IFWC to promote Crossbow Shooting across globe.
Anil Kaushik is also founder of India's first Crossbow Shooting Association in Ghaziabad,India.

Why To Join IFWC

  • Join, if you want your association to compete on world level.

  • We are one of the fastest growing organization promoting crossbow shooting across the world.

  • We provide a single platform to all crossbow shooters and crossbow associations across globe to perform.

  • We are an authorize body to conduct competitions in different locations of the world.

Our Aim

  • Our main object is mission Olympics. We are proceeding towards including crossbow shooting game in Olympic games. With the cooperation of all affiliated countries of the world we could get success very soon.

Our Future Plans

  • To organise World Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organise Asian Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organise European Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organise Oceanian Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organise Pan-American Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organise African Crossbow Shooting Championships.
  • To organize International Diploma in Officiating Seminars.
  • To organize International Crossbow Shooting training camps.
  • To organize different Crossbow Cup / Championships to popularize this game in the world.
  • To find talent in Crossbow Shooting and to prepare them for Olympic games (in future).